Bathmate Review, Gains You Can Expect

The following Bathmate review will provide information on this popular device which relies on vacuum technology to promote penis growth. Contrary to most other pumps that accomplish this by removing air, the cylinder is first filled with water and the vacuum is effect is createdPeeking Couple by pumping water out. With the male member inside the water-filled enclosure, repeated pumping of the cylinder causes water to be expelled from the valve situated at the tip. As more water exits the chamber, internal pressure is decreased which, in turn, has the effect of expanding penile tissues. To get a better visual representation of how this works, please view the video below.

The advantage of using water versus air not only makes improves the level of comfort, but it also counters the safety issues that are so commonly noted in air pumps. When used with diligence while following instructions, it is 100% safe when your penis is allowed sufficient periods of recuperation between training sessions. Furthermore, the unique integrated valve design makes it easier to use since you can place both hands on the cylinder instead of having one of your hands occupied squeezing air out with an air bulb. Since both of your hands are free, you are better able to control the Bathmate which invariably leads to faster results.

Bathmate Review – Gains You Can Expect

The point made in almost every Bathmate review is how much faster it works when compared to other penile enhancement solutions that are available. Anyone familiar with weight training has experienced a sensation commonly referred to as the “pump”, a temporary state where muscles gain size from being engorged with more blood. After using it for the first time you will recognize a similar sensation which you may use to your sexual advantage since it lasts up to 3 hours. These temporary increase vary from a 1/4? to 3/4? for length while gains in girth are in the range of 1/2? to 1 1/4?. Even though this state will recede, the quickness and reliability of results upon use are factors that make it unique when compared to other male enhancement options.

The bottom line is, if you exercise your penis, it will react like any other muscle and grow. You understand that even though pump gains are fleeting, repeated training will cause such gains to become permanent. Using the Bathmate is no different and over time you can expect permanant gains of between 1? and 3?. One important point that should be made is that it is inherently designed to be more effective in providing more impressive gains in girth than it does in length. This is almost the complete opposite of what you can expect frompenis stretchers that are better known for their emphasis on length gains. Keeping that in mind, whether you choose a penis extender or Bathmate hydropump depends on the objectives you are aiming for and the anatomy you have.

If length is of lesser importance to you, but your goal is to get thicker and increase the head size, then your goto device will obviously be the Bathmate. That being said, if length is more important to you but thickness to a lesser extent, then obviously a stretcher such as Sizegenetics, well recognized for its comfort and quality, is the ideal choice. Before going further, it should be made clear that either of these 2 options will provide outstanding results BY THEMSELVES. However, if you are the typical male who have a desire to achieve both greater length and thickness, and looking to truly maximize your full potential, it then makes perfect sense that using both together is the optimal solution. Without a doubt many will find this approach to be spendy, but seems less so when looked at as a long term investment in yourself. Also, when comparing this dual approach to penis enhancing surgery, which should be avoided, it represents a mere fraction of the cost.

Bathmate Review – The Different Models

Bathmate is offered in 3 different models that are meant to accommodate men of all sizes and these are described and listed below:

Hercules: is available in 3 colors and is intended to suit most men since it accommodates men that have average to small penises.

Goliath: designed specifically for those who are better endowed but still want to get a little larger or simply to enjoy the other benefits Bathmate provides.

Hydromax: the latest addition of this group is engineered to increase the vacuum effect by an additional 35% to get more impressive gains faster.

When deciding which one to choose, you need to allow extra room for growth. Since both the Hydromax and Hercules won’t allow thickness exceeding 1.87? in diameter, choosing one of these models if you’re already at 1.70? isn’t wise since it only leaves you with 0.17? for future growth. In this example, the bigger Goliath would be the more logical choice.

User comments about the Bathmate have been overwhelmingly favorable with a satisfaction rate exceeding 95%, far higher than any other product in its category. Also, since they have such great confidence in their product, the manufacturer has decided to remove any risk for trying it by offering a full 12 month refund guarantee. So if this Bathmate review has awakened your curiosity but you’re still on the fence, you can try it with absolute confidence knowing you will only pay if you are completely satisfied.


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